Arch : install micro terminal editor cheat sheet


Explains how to install a micro editor that is easy to use even for people who are not familiar with terminals

The following contents are executed by general users

Install Yay

arch linux Yay cheat sheet

sudo pacman -S git

Needed to clone yay from github


git clone

cd yay

makepkg -si

How to uninstall yay

cd ~/home/username/yay

makepkg -c

Install micro

yay -S micro

Delete micro

yay -Rs micro

A quick way without yay (deprecated)

sudo pacman -S git

git clone

cd micro

makepkg -si

micro cheat sheet

Ctrl + q   | Quit
Ctrl + s   | Save

Ctrl + z   | Undo
Ctrl + y   | Redo

Ctrl + f   | Find
Ctrl + Esc | Esc
Ctrl + g   | Toggle Help

thank you



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