Arch : snapd install cheat sheet


install snapd

Write directly

sudo pacman -S git

git clone

cd snapd

makepkg -si

arch: yay installation cheat sheet settings how to use

Installation method using yay

yay -S snapd




install snapd

sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

snapd cheat sheet

sudo snap services                                | Check the list of currently running services

sudo snap install ???                             | Package installation
sudo snap install ??? --classic                   | Installation of old packages

sudo snap remove ???                              | Delete

snap search ???                                   | Search for packages

sudo snap refresh --list                          | List of packages that can be updated

sudo snap refresh                                 | Update all packages

sudo snap refresh ???                             | Update only specified packages

snap refresh --time                               | Show time to update automatically

sudo snap set system refresh.timer=18:00          | Updated daily at 6pm

sudo snap set system refresh.timer=00:00~24:00/3  | Update every 3 hours

snap list --all                                   | View revisions of updated packages

sudo snap revert ???                              | Revert to the previous revision

sudo snap revert ??? --revision=[Rev Number]      | Revision specification

sudo snap disable ???                             | Package disable

sudo snap enable ???                              | Package enable

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