DIY keyboard : handwired #1


Material used

Frame of your choice



Create an original frame using a 3D printer or etc.

48 pieces key switch

pro micro (Leonardo Pro Micro ATmega32U4 PM32U4 )

Soldering iron

Solder (with tar)

Electrical wire AWG26

Switching diode (Rectifier diode)

Frame creation

key key

Create your favorite frame using a 3d printer.


Insert the key switch into the finished frame

Key matrix


Make sure the switching diode is oriented in the same direction when soldering.


Solder so that it looks like the image

Be sure to insulate or not contact the vertical and horizontal wires.

The direction of the switching diode is minus on the top and plus on the bottom.

│ │
│ │


Photo of the finished product


Finished product key map

Connection with pro micro

key key

The numbers on the top and right of the image and the numbers printed on the base of Pro Micro are linked. Soldering these link.

key key

In the image, it is connected to the breadboard using a cable, but there is no problem if you insert the cable directly into the pro micro and solder it directly.

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