linux : install usb

arch linux

Learn how to create a live USB to install linux.

Environmentally required materials


  • Windows 10
  • USB memory (16GB or more)
  • Rufus
  • Linux iso

Download linux iso

↓ Download this link for arch linux iso

arch linux iso download

arch linux iso

Click archlinux-????.??.??-x86_64.iso to download the iso file from

It is not iso.torrent iso.sig etc. The last file ends with iso.

Rufus download

Download Rufus

After downloading, open the app with administrator privileges


Device = USB drive

Make sure the USB device you want to write to is selected. If you make a mistake in this operation, all the saved data may be lost.

For Boot selection, click SELECT on the right and select the downloaded arch~~.iso.

Boot selection = archlinux-????.??.??-x86_64.iso

If there is no mistake compared to the image, click START to write

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