DIY keyboard : 40% Keyboard

Keyboard type

Full size (100%) keyboard

fullsize keyboard

A popular name for a keyboard with a numeric keypad on the right side

60% Keyboard


A compact keyboard without numeric keypad on the right side. Laptops and modern mainstream keyboards

40% Keyboard


Keyboard with the right numeric keypad, upper function keys, and number keys removed

What is 40% Keyboard ?

Use shortcuts to enter function keys, number keys, keyboard without numbers, numbers and functions.

・Touch type (blind touch) is easy to do because there is little strain on the movement of the finger.

・Need to remember shortcuts.


As an improvement of the popular keyboard, it is difficult to touch type the part surrounded by the red frame (number keys and function keys). 40% Keyboard is made so that you can touch type this part more flexibly by assigning a shortcut.

This is also due to the disadvantages,


Even with the 40% Keyboard sold by prototype, when entering numbers and functions, you will have to make full use of shortcut keys, so learning costs will be incurred.

For details, please refer to the explanation about 40% Keyboard.

40% Keyboard type

Lattice type

It takes patience to learn the key layout because it does not follow the key map of the 40% Keyboard and typewriter that have been thoroughly slimmed down and rationalized. Once you remember it, you can't go back to the major keyboard layout.


The big difference between the grid type and the typewriter layout is that the typewriter layout makes it difficult to enter the [Y key], but the grid type solves this problem.

Buy 40% keyboard in Booth


A 40% Keyboard that follows the key layout of a typewriter. Since the key layout follows the typewriter, the learning cost is less than the grid type.


A 40% Keyboard that follows the key layout of a typewriter. The arrangement of the arrow keys is slightly different compared to Vortex Core.

What about the 40% Keyboard?

Since it is difficult to purchase easily, it is difficult to feel free to touch the 40% Keyboard because the information and diffusion of users are not enough. If you live in Tokyo, you may be able to touch the 40% Keyboard by visiting Yusha Kobo.

Another point is that the keyboard symbols are arranged differently between jis (Japanese layout) and ascii (US layout). Almost all keyboards used in 40% Keyboard use ascii (US layout), so learning costs are high.

Ascii (US layout) is also used in protokey. Conversion / no conversion by setting 40% Keyboard conversion / no conversion Can be used without problems.

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