DIY keyboard : how to make keyboard cover and fully original key


Hello, it is a Prototype.

Do you like rational products?

I love optimized and streamlined products and services, but computer keyboards aren't rationalized or optimized at all due to the strong influence of de facto standard.

For a more detailed explanation of why keyboards aren't streamlined or optimized, I hope you see the previous video.

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I usually use the keyboard to edit videos and code programs, but every time I touch the keyboard, I feel sad about the unrationalized keyboard.


I think in reverse, I think, "If you don't have it, you can make it."

For that reason, we will create a completely original keyboard.

When creating an original keyboard, I will create almost zero base for all, but I will explain it as carefully as possible, so please take it easy.

In addition, we sell all of the materials created this time on the sales site. If you tired to creating a zero base, please use it.

The keyboard created this time is a lattice type minimal keyboard using Kyle low profile keys.

What about low profile keyswitch ?

The low profile key switch is a new type of key switch originally developed by Kailh that is approximately 50% thinner than the standard mechanical key switch.

The key switch originally made by Kyle is not compatible with the Cherry MX clone because it has a different hip shape.

However, the product can be made thinner than the mechanical keyboard that is generally distributed, so it is recommended for those who like mechanical type shallow keys.

The size is exactly the thickness of the keys on the laptop and those on the desktop.

The concept of the keyboard we will create this time

・Use low profile key ・Minimize buttons as much as possible ・Optimized so that all key inputs key movement can be blind-touched

I created it with the following 3 points as the theme.

Create CAD data using a CAD application and output it with a 3D printer.

First of all, I create a test frame to check how much printing error occurs in my 3D printer.

Here is the completed frame.

As a result of testing, I found that it would be appropriate to output in a size of 14.4 mm vertically and horizontally in my environment.

The thickness can be designed so that the claws of the key switch bite firmly.

The frame output in this way is here.

I printed three times including fit of the parts.

12 rows, Vertical 3 rows, 3 rows of thumbs is thought to be the limit value that many people can blindly-touch key press

I also like the simple structure that is minimal and has few failures.

In addition to this, there are derivations such as left and right separation type, etc., if we pursue the convenience, but this time we will create in the form of the simplest and simplest structure for both learning and testing.

Finally, the 3D print frame for low profile created this time is on sale at the sales site.

It is not a problem for practical use that you should make sure to pay attention before purchasing, but 3D printers are products that are likely to have individual differences.

Also, I would appreciate if you could refer to the video, but I can not output it as smoothly as Lego.


I would like you to fully understand this part

For those who want to make their own Plank-like keyboard, we are selling two types of perfect lattice type keyboard frame and lattice type minimal key frame created this time.

We hope you will find your favorite keyframe.

This is the end of the explanation.

Thank you for watching until the end.


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