messenger bag diy with 3d printer


A messenger bag or shoulder bag will carry the weight of the luggage on one shoulder.

Compared to rucksacks that load equally on both sides, messenger bags have problems with lean body balance.

However, messenger bags and shoulder bags provide the convenience of quick access to your luggage.

The design of the messenger bag has many curves, and the appearance and structure are simple, so it seems that the appearance looks neat. (It's just an individual impression

We will develop a devil modified messenger bag that will bear the burden equally on both shoulders without impairing the convenience of quickly accessing the bag of the messenger bag.

In the video, I am developing a messenger bag adjuster using a 3d printer, but I am making it myself for two reasons that I want to experiment the strength of the 3d printer and shopping is troublesome for me.

The adjuster is very cheap.If you think that you have modified the messenger bag, if you buy ajastor you can optimize your resource.

It is a printed adjuster

The density was set to 50% and output

It is an impression that the strength test was done for about a week, but it seems that the strength that can withstand practical use is secured for about a year.

By adding a strap in the center, we have modified the messenger bag so that the burden of the messenger bag can be distributed to both shoulders.

I would like to do an alpha test and upgrade the version to a more convenient and rational messenger bag

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