How to open vps server with Conoha VPS

Introduce | 導入

For those who are new to VPS, SSH connections are likely to be expensive.

SSH connection is the very first thing to learn when using VPS, and if you cannot do this, it is very difficult to operate a server.

In this tutorial, we will explain SSH connection using Conoha VPS service.

I will describe the terminal used this time. Reproducibility may be improved by using the same terminal.

Tools for USE | 使った道具


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5

New Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 15

NEW Microsoft Surface Pro X – 13


マイクロソフト Surface Laptop 3 13.5インチ

マイクロソフト Surface Laptop 3 15インチ

マイクロソフト Surface Pro X

Conoha VPS|このはVPSでの設定

In this tutorial, we will set up with CONOHA VPS, which has the highest market share in Japan.

As a prerequisite, we will start by having an account with Conoha VPS.

Conoha login

Click on the URL to login to Conoha.

Click Add server once you are logged in

There is no problem as the service is the cheapest by default because you can change it later if it becomes a situation that eats traffic.

Select Arch VPS as the image type.

This is the root password, but make a note of it so that you will never forget it. If you forget this password, you will destroy the server.

After entering the password, click Add

Click the added server

When the screen changes like the image, make a note of the numbers in the red frame.

This number is a unique number and varies from person to person.

Open bash|バッシュの起動

Go back to Windows and start Bash.

See previous articles on how to install Bash.

How to install git bash


After starting Bash, enter ssh ???. ???. ???. ??? and Enter

The part of ??? is the number displayed in VPS of this time.

The authenticity of host ~ ngerprint])? Is displayed, so enter yes and Enter

root@???.???.???.???'s password: is displayed, so enter the password that you recommended when creating the Arch VPS and enter.

If you see [root @ localhost ~] #, you can successfully connect to ssh.

Logout SSH|SSH接続からログアウト

Finally, enter exit to log out from the SSH connection.

Thank you I'm glad if you can use it as a reference. Thank you for watching until the end.

Windows 10 Settings | ウインドウズ10 設定

Windows git ssh setting

Windows python install

windows10 initial app uninstall

Windows 10 Privacy and Security Settings

Windows10 Input Settings

Windows10 Cortana disable setting

Windows 10 extension display, hidden file display initial setting

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Windows git ssh 設定

windows10 初期アプリ アンインストール

Windows 10 hosts プライバシー設定

Windows 10 プライバシーとセキュリティ設定

Windows10 インプット設定

Windows10 コルタナ無効化 設定

Windows10 拡張子表示、隠しファイル表示 初期設定

Windows python インストール

thank you

Thank you for watching until the end. I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.

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