Python tutorial #1 : Install & Uninstall python3 with windows10


・Finished windows10 Install WSL2 windows10

Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL2) Explains how to install python3 using ubuntu.

Windows >> ubuntu → python3. Access to python only works via ubuntu (linux). Since the environment of Windows is hard to get dirty, the possibility of errors and bugs can be reduced.

Install python


Start WSL2 ubuntu

ubuntu sudo apt update

Update whole ubuntu package (required)

インストール pip3

ubuntu sudo apt install python3-pip

Install pip, an app that manages Python's unique packages (recommended)


Type y to enter

ubuntu pip3 install --upgrade pip

update pip3

python = python3

ubuntu nano ~/.bashrc


alias python="python3" 
alias pip="pip3"

Type at the bottom

When you finish writing Ctrl + s Save Ctrl + x Exit


source ~/.bashrc

Update .bashrc

Check if the changes are reflected

python -V


pip -V


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