3d printer mask review

I would like to review whether the 3D printer mask has been useful.

The products used this time are listed. Reproducibility may be improved by making the environment the same.

Tools for USE | 使った道具

For Global

Delta 3D Printer

PETG Filament 1.75mm


デルタ 3Dプリンター

PETGフィラメント 1.75mm

There is also a video explaining how to make a mask using a 3D printer, so please check it if you are interested.

How to make PITTA mask


Review the usefulness of 3D print masks. In conclusion, it was too early for many.

I think I can say that.

There are three main reasons.

Even if the 3d printer itself is cheap, it is 200 dollars and as expensive as a game console.

The learning cost until it can be used is too high.

There is almost nothing that many people make just because they bought it. You need to study 3D cad to make it yourself, and the learning cost is too high for many.

Can be said.

I will explain one by one.

The performance of 3d printers is advancing day by day, and the performance of the highest quality one year ago is about the same as this year's cheap 3d printer.

It can be said that it is a tremendously excellent product of progress.

Still, it seems that many people feel that the cost of the initial investment is too high that it costs around 250 dollars to try and play.

If you have that money, buying Nintendo Switch is likely to be beneficial to most people.

To put it another way, entertainment is overfilled, and more than 250 dollers are too cospa to try and play.

Next, even though 3d printers are evolving at a rapid pace, we cannot predict the convenience and easiness of a microwave oven, but we can foresee that many people will find that the learning cost for 3d printing is extremely high.

Assemble the 3d printer → Learn the height adjustment → Learn the filament type → Learn how to use the slicing app which is very complicated and difficult to understand → Find image data → Repeat fine adjustment until it works (hell)

And it takes a very front side. It requires a considerable amount of learning cost before the printed matter is output.

Above all, after setting the printer, if you wait afterwards it will not be able to automatically print perfectly, printing will be affected by humidity and temperature, so settings that worked well in summer can not be used in winter Can happen.

Also, the setting changes greatly depending on the filament used, and since the standard has not been established, the learning cost is too high. It takes too much time.

Therefore, it is a product that is very difficult to reach for some people who are troublesome to use smartphones and those who use only email and the Internet.

No one has come to be able to print easily with the feeling of touching a smartphone.

Next, just because the mask can be output, it has no other use. I don't think there are so many people who want to use a 3d printer just for making a mask, at a cost and learning cost.

3d printers are very poor at printing organic, thin objects.

Unfortunately, the mask is organic and thin, which makes it very difficult to print on a 3d printer.

If you buy a printer with a high n doller or higher, the hurdles may drop a little, but even people who are familiar with 3d printers usually use this 3d print mask neatly for trial and error. Was repeated.

If you have never touched the 3d printer at all, it may take a long time to print this mask neatly or you may give up without printing.

I thought about using a mask, but depending on the material, the strength is not so high, so it can not be used cluttered. The mask itself has been devised to make it easy to use.

However, there is a possibility that the cost of 30,000 yen plus learning cost (priceless) to make one mask is high for many people.

Finally, the 3D printer is very noisy. It's huge, it's an obstacle.

That's all for the reference.

How to make PITTA mask


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