how to install windows10 chocolatey micro & uninstall

Introduce | 導入

Install Micro, a modernly arranged terminal editor.

This editor is an improved version of the nano editor. Personally I'd like this to be the standard editor instead of Nano (just thinking and not saying

I will describe the terminal used this time. Reproducibility may be improved by using the same terminal.

Tools for USE | 使った道具


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5

New Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 15

NEW Microsoft Surface Pro X – 13


マイクロソフト Surface Laptop 3 13.5インチ

マイクロソフト Surface Laptop 3 15インチ

マイクロソフト Surface Pro X

Install micro with choco|チョコラティを使ってマイクロをインストール

Click the search button at the bottom left

type powershell

Right click on Windows PowerShell

Click Run as administrator

Copy and paste the code into the power shell and enter

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol -bor 3072; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

This completes the installation of chocolatey.

Install micro|マイクロをインストール

Copy and paste the code into the power shell and enter

choco install micro

Do you want to run the scri ~ /[P]rint):

Is displayed, enter y and enter

This concludes the micro installation instructions.

unInstall micro|マイクロをアンインストール

This section describes how to delete the micro editor when it is no longer needed.

Copy and paste the code into the power shell and enter

choco uninstall micro

This is the end of the uninstallation procedure.

List of frequently used shortcuts|よく使うショートカット一覧

Finally, a list of frequently used shortcuts when using the micro editor is described. Shortcuts have a similar design to general GUI, so there is a possibility that the learning cost can be greatly reduced.

ctrl + a | 全部選択 / Select all ctrl + x | 切り取り / Cut ctrl + c | コピー / copy ctrl + v | 貼り付け / Paste ctrl + z | 元に戻す / Undo ctrl + y | やり直し / redo ctrl + k | 行を切り取り / cut line ctrl + f | 検索 / Search ctrl + n | 次を検索 / Find Next ctrl + p | 前を検索 / Find Previous ctrl + l | 指定行へジャンプ / Jump to the specified line ctrl + g | ヘルプ / Help ctrl + r | 行数表示切り替え / line number display switching ctrl + t | 新しいタブを開く / open a new tab ctrl + ] | 左のタブを選択 / Select left tab ctrl + \ | 右のタブを選択 / Select right tab ctrl + o | ファイルを開く / Open file ctrl + s | 保存 / Save ctrl + d | 行を複製 / duplicate line ctrl + m | 改行を入力 / Enter a line break ctrl + i | タブを入力 / enter tab ctrl + h | バックスペースを入力 / Enter backspace ctrl + e | コマンド入力モード / Command input mode ctrl + b | シェルコマンド入力モード / Shell command input mode ctrl + w | 次のスプリットへ移動 / move to next split ctrl + q or ctrl + ESC | タブやスプリットを閉じる / close tab or split

VS code settings|VSコードの設定

On things, when using VS code, Ctrl + q (quit the micro) is overridden with Quick Open View in the default setting, and it cannot be used.

Fix this problem

I would appreciate reading the previous articles on how to install VS code.

Setting for VScode

Open VScode

Click the file in the upper left

Click Preferences → keyboard Shortcut

Type Ctrl + q

Double click View: Quick Open

Press Ctrl + Shift + q on your keyboard to enter

You have changed the VS code settings.

Tools for USE | 使った道具


Gigabyte AERO 15 for Creator




GIGABYTE AERO 15 クリエイター向け

GIGABYTE AERO 15 ゲーミングノート

GIGABYTE AERO 17 ゲーミングノート

Thank you I'm glad if you can use it as a reference. Thank you for watching until the end.

Windows 10 Settings | ウインドウズ10 設定

Windows git ssh setting

Windows python install

windows10 initial app uninstall

Windows 10 Privacy and Security Settings

Windows10 Input Settings

Windows10 Cortana disable setting

Windows 10 extension display, hidden file display initial setting

Windows 10 hosts privacy setting


Windows git ssh 設定

windows10 初期アプリ アンインストール

Windows 10 hosts プライバシー設定

Windows 10 プライバシーとセキュリティ設定

Windows10 インプット設定

Windows10 コルタナ無効化 設定

Windows10 拡張子表示、隠しファイル表示 初期設定

Windows python インストール

thank you

Thank you for watching until the end. I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.

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